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Rapture Dreams on 2010-05-23

I never fully understood what the rapture was when I had these dreams about six years ago, because I was a baby Christian, not having read or studied scripture like I should have. The first dream is as follows: I was riding my bicycle (a mode of transportation I used during this time) in a thu...

Miracle On Rt. 13 on 2010-04-21

School was out on this blizzard day in 1996. I had walked with a friend to the Giant to get some food and supplies, so we could hunker down, watch movies and eat good food while stuck in the dorm rooms. While we were heading back, the sidewalk next to the highway Rt. 13 was very icy and in attempt t...

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Brenttan, I wrote this story, but somehow my name wasn't properly posted. I have no idea what the pagoda meant. But it could have been in my subconcious because I went to a school that had one and I always loved the way it looked... But other than that, the dream was very real to me and I often think about it when I am going through a hard time.
Date: 2010-05-23
Brenttan and Woop do tell. Have you posted your experiences? 😁
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