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A Prayer For Guidance on 2010-04-26

This is something I wrote back when I had a lot of pain within myself and at the time I felt so overwhelmed with self doubt and fear that I felt I had completely lost myself. I was to the point where I felt I I needed my cries to be heard so I sat down and let my soul pour out onto a piece of paper....

Evil Haunting Me Repeatedly on 2010-03-21

Before I started my spiritual journey weird things happened. Me and my husband starting seeing what we thought as ghosts coming and going. They stood around smiling, even heard the voice of one in my moms room. I thought someone was at my house talking on a phone, but went back there never saw any a...

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Hi Jason,
I know exactly what you mean, I had the same experience, as far as the way I felt once I became spiritually awakened. A sense of peace and calm overcoming me, changing my whole view on life by making me see things from a whole new light. An inner wisdom that felt awakened inside of me. Overcome with the strength to accept things as they are, but having no fear because I suddenly felt like a different, stronger person. I didn't just think... I knew faith was going to always carry me through and I still feel it. I feel myself growing every day, learning new things about the world around me and more importantly new things about myself. When I try to look back on the past, it almost feels like that person wasn't me. My memories of the past do not affect me anymore, not painfully like they used to, and I realize how far I have come. You are very lucky to have awakened to this beautiful blessing at such a young age. I am 22 and began my awakening about a year ago and most of the spiritual souls I have come across were even older when they finally started becoming aware. I have heard that 2012 may really be when the world transforms and everyone will be more spiritually aware. It seems to be happening all around us right now, people are realizing there is more than just themselves. We are all in this together. I hope that is what's happening. The world has gotten so bad in this day and age... People have forgotten the true meaning of loving one another. If we are all in a stage of awakening that means the world will be transformed and perhaps people will be able to coexist in peace and harmony once again. Thank you so much for sharing your story, yours is the first one I have read that seems to match my exact feelings of awakening. Sometimes my faith gets shaky as yours might to, it helps me when I write down the experiences that got me here. Remembering the strength within... The strength from God. God bless you and keep spreading your message of enlightenment. I have found many people I thought were nothing like me... Really opened up when I shared my story. It gives me hope that maybe I am changing the world one person at a time and in the future it would be amazing if everyone could put their ego behind them and open their hearts to be themselves in an understanding loving world. If we all share our experiences with the ones who have yet to see the light, just imagine how the world could change. Take care of yourself and if you ever need a friend to talk to feel free to email me laura.jeffers1 [at]
Why do you have to be so cold and heartless? I really thought you were a genuine person that wanted to help people. Your website painted you completely different. I just wanted to help someone. I don't understand why you have to criticize my 'crap'when I was only trying to help better this situation. I cared enough to write that long of a message. I'm sorry for trying to be good to others. That is obviously not right in your book. You seemed to enjoy the fact that your words were hurtful to me.
Date: 2010-04-02
We all need to stop arguing and imposing our faith on one another. As we all are connected, we should all come together and have a discussion about these things and not make it an argument. I never judged or tried to force my way upon any of you. I just shared my journey because it has made me a better person and brought me inner peace and love. I only want to help others to find THEIR faith and true happiness. I am a nice person and I used to always try to be good to others but much pain came from me being what others called "too nice". Back then I grew to be a weak person and my fear made me not like people at all. I felt uncomfortable around everyone because I had to be fake. If I didn't keep that guard up everyone would always judge and put me down, talking behind my back. I fell apart because the cruel demeanor of everyone haunted and hurt me. It tore away at my confidence and took me to the point to where I couldn't look in the mirror without hating the way I looked. I felt that I wasn't good enough. I haven't thought or spoken about this in a while and man it really hurts to go back and remember that. I didn't love myself for a long time and to stop the pain I used drugs for a long time. I got to the lowest point and I basically gave up on everything. I wanted to leave this life and wake up from this nightmare. I couldn't even look at my son because I felt like such a bad mother. I had convinced myself that I was a failure and everyone would be better off without me. I prayed through out all of this, but I could never find the strength to face myself and really try to make a change within. I had already had experiences with seeing ghosts and the evil spirits or demons (not sure what they were) so I already knew that there was more to life than the physical world we see. I remember the exact night when I couldn't bare the pain anymore though and I released all of my pain by talking to God and then asking, needing, and wanting strength within myself so I could get back up and face the world as my real self, no longer weak but strong and good. To finally become the loving mother I knew I could be. After praying I felt a lot better and days passed, I let that prayer slip away from my mind, then things began to change. My husbands stepmom had a book she found at an abandoned house she had gone to and she handed it to me to show me. I started reading different quotes in it that were really uplifting. The whole book was sayings and quotes about living your life positively and it had many spiritual messages. Everything in it made so much sense... The quotes were helpful in making me remember to enjoy the little things in life. I was uplifted and I felt I was meant to read this book. It renewed my wonder of spirituality and I felt eager to get back to reading spiritual books. I had only read one prior to this "A Still Small Voice" it peaked my interest but spirituality wasn't the key topic in it... It was more about follwing ones own intuition. I went to the library soon after and searched for spirituality books and the first one that caught my eye was "The Seekers Guide" by Elizabethe Lesser, I felt a feeling of inner peace and warmth within me that made me feel as though I was meant to read it so I did. I felt a connection to Elizabeth Lesser, her words felt like they could be my own. I had never related to another persons view and outlook on life. Everything I had always felt and thought about life and religion, but was too scared to express, she experienced too. It was like she was speaking directly to me and it felt so wonderful. As I kept reading on for days things became clear in my mind and a change began to take place deep within my heart and mind. I started to see myself in a new light... Not worthless anymore but beautiful and a child of god, I started to feel more comfortable and open to others and it seemed like they all started opening up to me and sharing their true feelings and I found peace and joy in helping to make them feel better, showing them there are people who still truly care and there is always help out there. This is what I have been doing, focusing on becoming a better person... The best person I can be. This change has shown me true beauty. I love all and accept all. I try my best to lift the spirits of those around me and always make choices with the greater good in mind. I feel so opposite of my former mindset. Life is fuller and happier this way and I finally have the confidence within myself to say that I know I am a good person. No one can deny me of this truth. I still slip up and make mistakes because I am only human, but this new sense of connection and spirit grows stronger every day. I know some may not agree with the way I see things, but I deeply feel that I am on the right path. I will keep following that warm sensation of calm awareness, it is too, right, for me to ignore and go off in another direction. We must love and understand the variety of seekers inhabiting this earth around us, we all come from the same place seeking the same answers. We are in this together and we find ourselves through the people that surround us. Love one another and spread a message of peace not hate.
Thank you for acknowleding my strength in following my heart, open minded and always seeking the truth by listening and allowing myself to recieve the messages and signs that God has graciously blessed me with to help in guiding me on this journey. I am open to what you have said although I am not going to allow myself to believe all that you said because it's something I have never heard of before, but I never throw out any knowledge. I will meditate or pray about this and I know I will find my way to the truth. It will take time I am sure but the truth reveals itself a little at a time, with each new day when the time is right parts of the truth are unlocked and I am able to understand a little more than I did before. It is amazing because this knowledge always just comes to me that is why I feel that it is already there, but locked away and when it's time another piece is unlocked. It is such a blessing and the more I learn the more I see that everything is connected in some way. I know that God and I have a deep connection now and because I sought out spirituality with curiousity and openess I recieve his loving whispers guiding me in the right direction. I have learned to tune out everyone elses voiced opinion and only let my own voice and gods loving guidance lead me as I move forward walking the path of light and love. I am proud of myself because I have grown as a person like I never thought possible. My view on life is much more positive as I am excited and eager to gain more wisdom. I have never been so eager to learn and when I write about my experiences I have a hard time ending what I have written. It is just such a powerful amazing realization that I want to share with the world. I want everyone to realize that this blessing is available to all those who accept God and stay open to recieve his many messages and miracles. I had never had this kind of joy in my life until things got really bad and I was about ready to give up... Completely hated myself... And felt like I was weak and would never find strength so I did the only sensible thing, I prayed. I asked God to help me and give me the strength and confidence in life that I needed so I could overcome this pain and make the change I needed to be a good mother and finally feel comfortable in my own skin so I could be a helpful caring human being. I really did not think that God would answer my prayers so quickly though, but about a week later my life slowly began to make a change and within a couple months I began to feel strength rising and my faith took over all the doubts and fears leaving me with that wonderful warm feeling that I knew was telling me that everything was going to be okay now. It really has not been very long at all since I really started my jourey and I feel like I have been washed of all the negativity that ruled my life before, I am so different now and so much stronger because of my renewed belief and faith in God. I no longer question everything with stress clouding my mind, I accept what has happened and what is to come because I know it is meant to be. All of the struggles I face are there so I can become stronger through facing and overcoming them. They are lessons and they may be hard, but I know every obstacle is a blessing in disguise. Put there just for me to gain more knowledge and more spiritual growth. I have accepted the pain and it's not too painful anymore because I know the reason for this pain. I have come so far and the understanding that I have gained is so amazing... I am eager to keep moving forward and gaining more insight so I am ready for whatever comes at me. My sense of self is so strong I know that I will be unwavering to any negative force because I stand here before the Lord, Strong and Steady and no longer afraid. Anything that comes my way I know I will get through. The feeling I have throughout my being is more than words can describe, it's beautiful, it's still unbelievable and new because each day I feel like I gain more insight and wisdom and just having everything that I had felt to be true all coming together to make perfect sense to me confirmed my being and I know that my faith will never be shaken, This higher power strengthened my soul and blessed me with the enlightenment of feeling the presence of God which continuously overcomes my all and I instantly feel the calming sensation of love and bliss. I feel safe and I know that a higher power is watching over me. I am truly blessed, I realize and feel this light of love cast upon me and I am extremely grateful to have gone through everything and unlike before have no doubts that I am a child of God and have opened the door to miracles and different signs and messages daily that are there to show me that I am just where I need to be. My life has become the right time and place for all the parts of my journey to align and unfold just as they are meant to at the exact right moment that God feels I'm ready and another piece of my puzzle is unlocked enlightening my spirit and unveiling more truth to add with the enlightenment of my current wisdom. Ultimately giving me the key to unlock and group all my knowledge together and expand my mind and understanding of the inner wisdom within me. Opening more of the wisdom and beauty within me that allows me to come closer to the true reality beyond the human perception. Allowing my own soul to grow stronger and closer to the all knowing wisdom and truth that is beyond our existence. This wisdom of the true reality that exists beyond us and our perception of time and life, what the mind of a mere human can't possibly understand until they seek the answers by beginning their journey to find the truth within themselves. The only means to discovering the path is to listen to God's whispers and pay attention to the little things like signs or messages that catch your attention and stand out... Those are basically hints to help you. You heart will nudge you in the right directions and then you must quite yourself and reall listen, God will mentally send you messages in a calm loving voice. Listen to that voice because that is his way of communicating with us. Stay open and you will get all the guidance you need on your journey. I will think what you have said over and ask that inner wisdom if that is the right and true way. Thank you for being open minded as well... We can learn so much from one another and I look forward to hearing from you in email. Take care and read what I have told you and think on it as well. Together we can come closer to understanding more truths. God bless you and yours.
Date: 2010-04-02
Ok this is a site about being open minded right... Why do you have to try to tear this person down. Everything you experience teaches you something... This is fact people. Maybe Pan went through all of this to end up at this website reading these things here and now to learn from the whole thing and find herself/himself. It is not your place to judge others... Only god has that right. I can't believe how thoughtless people can be. This is a person with feelings that is confused by this experience... Try being helpful and understanding instead of being cold and heartless. We are living in this confusing world together... All of us here for the same purpose. We are in this together people. We are all human and we all make mistakes but we are in this TOGETHER to learn from each other. So stop putting this person down with judgements and cruel words and how about give some helpful words to motivate Pan to search for the word and wisdom of God. Those kind of comments that are so demeaning and hurtful will only make things worse. You are not alone Pan, we all go through things that we don't understand. Pray to god and ask him to guide you to the right path and protect you from all that is negative and evil. If you have come to this point and you have not found yourself yet, then take my helpful suggestion and start reading books on spirituality. The more you learn about the truth and blessings that god gives us if we follow his guidance, the more you will understand why this happened to you. Follow your OWN voice and your heart. If you listen to people that put you down it will only set your own self back in your journey. I don't see how people can say that they follow god and then turn around and be so cruel to another human being. The bible tells us to live our lives humble with a child-like curiosity. Obviously saying cruel things to someone who is searching for answers and asking for help is not something a truly spiritual person does. Learn from the example of the people who help you without judgement or criticism... And follow that example in the future as well. God is within you... He speaks to you in a still small voice always calm and always guiding you with love and words of wisdom. We are his children and we're all blessed with his guidance. We just have to have faith and know that he is with us. Finding all of this was a miracle for me, it changed me completely... Renewed my sense of wonder and strenghthened my belief that God is very real and when you allow him to come into your heart he is with you always and once you accept that you do not control your own life, only god has that power, you will find your true self and live a life of inner peace. God will never give you more than you can handle and you will learn to trust your faith. You will feel his guidance... A feeling of belonging and love... And you will look at things in a new light. I have gone through this and I am still learning, but I know that god's love is strong and no one can deny you that. As for the ones who are not in that light yet and don't understand that we must accept one another by helping when it is needed and being supportive by not judging others but instead holding our hand out to them and letting them know that hope is not lost and there are still people in the world that genuinely care and want to help those that are in need. You seem like you are very well on your way though because I can tell by your words Pan that you have learned to accept that things are out of your control. I feel like you are still confused though about what your going through. If you seek out only negativity or evil you gain nothing. You must take this with you and seek the answers in the light of God. I am not the one to tell you that you are evil and that was the devil... I don't know... Only god can give you the answers you are seeking. Meditation is a good tool to use... It has helped me to find inner peace. Before you meditate pray to God with any questions you may have and ask him to make the answer become more clear to you. Have faith in yourself and in God's power. You have to believe. Have faith. Follow your heart and fear nothing accept for God himself. Trust that you are in God's hands and he will lead you and protect you on your spiritual journey. A book that I found to be very enlightening and really helped me to find my way was "The Seekers Guide" by Elizabeth Lesser. It is a great book and I really hope you follow on and find the answers you seek. Negativity will only set you back so learn to think positively. You basically have to reprogram your mind and throw away all that society has taught you. Learn to see in a new light. Accept all, help all, love all. Be humble and by keeping your heart open you allow yourself to recieve signs and messages from God. You will start to notice that everything is connected in life, it's really an amazing journey. Once you accept God into your life you realize that everything falls into place and all religions have some truth in them. Spirituality is the bigger picture of it. It is the truth of all things we already know to be good and the light of all that is beautiful waiting for us on the other side. More beautiful than we could ever imagine. This is your journey now... No one elses so think about the entire message I have passed on, but do not follow this path unless you feel that it is right for you. I can't tell you that everything I have shared is exactly the way things are... All I can do is tell you what I have found to be the truth. Not by following the path of others but creating my own with my heart on my sleeve... I took a leap of faith and I feel so blessed to have found my way. I trust in the Lord's guidance and I trust that my faith will always bring me back to the light. I have found the accepting nature within myself and now I see the world as a place of wonder and miracles and my life is no longer the hell that I made it to be... There is so much more and god offers it to all those who accept it. If I can go from being so lost and depressed... Drowned by negativity and fear and find myself here... Feeling completely the opposite having hope and faith in life and moving forward in my life with my head held high... Stronger than ever because I have finally let go and allowed faith to humble me and lead me to my destiny. I write all of this and go on and on about this because I am passionate about it. I have finally overcome my negativity and as long as I move forward with the best intentions for myself and everyone around me I will keep growing as a person and to me that is what it's all about. Learning from your mistakes... Growing as a person... Working on being the best person I can be.
Hello Athena,
I have read the posts back and forth from you and Pan. I have to say that you were a little harsh. I do not agree with everything that Pan has said, but you have to understand everyone goes through their own experiences in order for them to find the light,truth. You judged Pan instead of viewing her/his story with an open mind. I believe that person had their experience and is still learning from it. Just because we have had experiences of positivity does not mean that everyone goes through the same. I feel that God gives each person exactly what they need in order to awaken them to the higher self so they can start their own journey toward God. I know that God is above good and evil. On the other side we become whole and we understand all, we overcome the human emotions and we live in harmony and peace. We merely exist in complete connection and understanding of one another. I feel strongly that this is the way and it may be a little more than that but I am explaining it the best way my human mind can. In this unimaginable heaven there is balance. No good... No evil. A state of being that is above both good and evil. A coexistence where all is understood and in unity...balanced. Now if you are following me on this... Don't you think that we enter the world with good and evil inside of us and we live our life following the path we choose. If a person is living a life where they are so programmed by destructive behavior and negative influences and evil is what they feel like... Then evil is the only thing that can awaken them to the balance... The truth...God. If you have found your own self then you should know that people are crazy only because they allow themselves to be that way. I was battling deppression, bi-polar, I thought I was worthless and I went through many things that made me question my reality... Good and evil (our understanding of it). I was truly lost and I felt a loneliness I had never felt. I have always believed in god and prayed regularly. So I began praying to God a lot. I turned to him and soon after I began noticing a still small voice that had been blocked out by the many voices of my family...friends.etc. This voice was calm and always pointed out the right way to go about daily life. When I cried... That voice told me everything was going to be alright. I started reading spirituality books and that's when I found out that voice was not my own but the voice of God. Then it all started happening so fast... I began changing. I began to see the good in everyone, even the people that I had considered enemies. I no longer felt anger toward others... Only love and understanding. I could look in the mirror once again with confidence and love. I began to love everything when before I didn't even really care to live anymore. I went from beating myself up metally and hating my life, people, everything to enlightenment and understanding that I can't explain, a warm feeling inside of me. I had always heard people talk about finding faith and feeling the holy spirit, but I never felt anything. I thought I did but wasn't sure but when I finally really did I knew it automatically. It was undeniable, I was overcome with a calm wave of joy. I felt so peaceful and I just knew everything was going to be okay. A warm feeling that replaced the pain with love. Once I began to follow my heart and seek spiritual knowledge it's like the truth began to unravel in my mind making me renewed and whole again. The knowledge is still unraveling within my mind each day. I feel so lucky to have been given this whole experience, My own journey. I never knew that this inner peace existed and I never thought I would come into my own and find my own voice and strength within. I can't judge anyone else, nor do I want to, we are all human and we are all on the same journey, we are in this together and we learn the truth and find ourselves by listening and learning from others. Pan's experience may be one that you do not understand but that is no reason to call someone schitzophrenic. I am sure you have had others belittle you and call you crazy because of your views. It hurts to the core and maybe even makes one question their entire belief system. It can really set someone back if they are not strong in their faith. You seem like you are a good person, but taking that sense of self away from someone is wrong. Either you have not come to understand the truth in spirtuality and therefore haven't found peace within so you hurt others to feel empowered or you have forgotten what being humble is all about. I am not trying to tell you how to live your life, but if you feel that you are really a humble person that follows god then you have to let go of your anger and accept each person for who they are and if you don't agree with their choices or way of life then give them some positive words. Try and help them by telling them your own experiences, then all you can do is hope your words were understood and helpful to the person. They are the ones who have to make their own choice whether or not they will keep what you said in mind and seek more to it or whether they stay with living a life controlled by fear, never really exposing their own true voice and opinion in fear of being rejected. All of us get spiritual messages every day... All the time, but fear holds many back from realizing this. Fear feeds fear, this is why we have to listen to our own voice and the voice of god. If we follow others who look at life and live their life negatively, then that's what our lives will become, negative. I used to think this way and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. It is true when they say the mind is a powerful tool. The minute I decided enough is enough and my mind was made up on recreating myself and my thoughts... I realized all those upbeat sayings that I learned so long ago that most decided to ignore because it wasn't cool were actually messages of truth. Sayings like "Be the Change", "Positivity is key", "Do unto yourself as you would do unto others", "Live and learn", "Follow your heart". These messages that were ignored because our society has lost faith. Life is hard so these messages can't be true. People that have the gift of seeing spirits or seeing anything out of the ordinary are shut out and called crazy. People became cold and closed minded... Only acknowledging the bad... The moments in life that were hard and painful. Blinded by the pain and unable to open their eyes to the miracles in life or the positive outcomes of these bad experiences. Now the world is poisoned with this, everywhere. It's so sad witnessing the world and the people around you grow cold and bitter. When all you can do is share your own experience pass on the message, but you can't make them understand all that you have come to know. They have to want it for themselves and be curious enough to seek out the resources. Some are too stubborn and will hold on to their closed minded views out of fear and there will be some who reject the idea completely that only care to tear you down and belittle your beliefs. You can't let them bring you down though. If you listen to the negative then you will only regress and forget what's really important. Stay humble and seek answers with child like curiosity. Instead of judging or fearing something that you don't understand, try to study or observe... Learn about it and then decide if it is right for you. I just want you to know it was not right for you to say that and hopefully you see where I am coming from. You may not have even realized how mean you came off as. I am sure you just wanted to express what you thought about the experiences to try and help Pan, but you must approach the situation with the others feelings in mind. Be helpful, not hurtful. Take care and god bless you and yours.
Date: 2010-04-01
Well said Pan. Although I do not agree with you in every aspect, I see the bigger picture of what you are saying. It is very clear to me. Just take a look at the earth, everywhere around you. There is good and evil, life and Death. Look at a tree, it is full of life and beautiful and when it dies it is cold and lifeless, almost scary looking, then it is reborn into beauty. The Cycle. Throughout our lives we learn small parts of the true message, but society programs us with the exact opposite. We were born human, with sin, this means that of course there is good and evil within all of us. It is our own to decide which path to travel. I feel that this is common sense now. The evil things we do, teach us to be good in a way. People learn from doing wrong. It's the only way to learn and overcome. How are we to be perfect higher selves if we have not learned to overcome every emotion that causes us to be weak. People do bad things because they are living in fear. They have not accepted themselves, their lives, and the unknown which are all out of our control. They do the bad things to gain a sense of control. I see that you have found the light because you speak in a calm demeanor and you do not try and tear others down. You have accepted the way the world is, as have I. When you get to this point, you have found yourself and therefore can be comfortable with whatever happens. You know your destiny in a sense, or your place in the world. We are nothing but mere humans trapped by our emotions, learning how to overcome so we can rise above and ascend. Athena seemed like a good person when I first read a comment that she had written to me. I can see now though that she has not truly learned to accept and be humble. When you find the light and accept the world, you don't judge and belittle others. You show them that you are human too and you help as much as they allow. You become a genuinely good person. I know that if I had the ability to rid someone of a demon and help them along their journey, I would not charge anything. I would offer my services for free even if I needed the money desperately. Thats the sad thing about the world, no one cares about anyone else anymore. People have truly become lost. They can't see past the materialistic world, they have lost faith. The message that needs to be followed is to love one another. We are all one and we need to realize this and come together again. Acceptance is the key. Sometimes god has to use evil to show the ones that only respond to evil that there is more to life, an existence beyond our understanding above good and evil. A place of balance and unity. God gives us what we need. I hope that all of this makes sense to the ones that are so skeptical. I know that you will understand and I feel that we have already learned something from each other. I would really like to keep in contact. Life is all about learning from each other, the more we discover, the more truth unlocks itself and we are able to understand and put everything together. Oh and by the way I too smoke pot and there is nothing wrong with that lol. Athena has obviously not found her way yet. She is clearly more close minded then she let's off. I feel that there is nothing wrong with any "bad" substance... These are just tools to experience the lesson. There is a book called "The Addicts Are Blessed" I don't remember the author, but addicts go through a battle that tears them down to nothing and that is when most will turn to the only hope left,god, in that they become renewed and so much stronger. Every terrible thing that happens in a persons life is a blessing in disguise. It is a way to gain strength and find love within your own self, overcome the very thing that has been holding you back and put that behind as you move forward in your journey. Life is a lesson. We have been told it all of our lives and it is the truth. Some will fail, but that is a part of their own journey. They will keep failing until they pick up on the real message, listen to it, overcome it. As I am typing this I feel so enlightened. I know that I am to spread my experience and the message on to others, all of us are to do so, this is the way to help the ones that cannot see clearly yet. It is a test of faith, we must let go of what society has programmed into our heads we have to love all and accept all. If you do this your life will be fuller and happier than ever. I am living with no job, my husband is out of work and we have a 3 year old. I have my family and love,that's all I need. I know everything will fall into place when it is time, I have faith and I know it will all be okay. I am happier then I have ever been and it is because I have found my way. We are all connected, put on earth with no knowledge, as we grow so does our spirits, but as a test of faith we are fed societies nonsense. It is our own to search for the truth, to follow our own hearts, learn how to follow our own voice. Find ourselves so we can love ourselves, and then we can love others and recieve truth in acceptance. This is what I have come to. I am by no means perfect nor do I have all the answers. I am on my journey and I am still learning just as well as you are. I still have things I need to change and I still let my emotions get to me at times. I can tell you this though, I have never felt so alive and whole. I trust my faith in god to lead me and I finally can say that I love myself and everyone around me, I understand people now and everything makes a lot more sense now. I want to gain all that I can... Knowledge is power (another commonly rejected phrase). I am living my life as a mere human, I try my best to stay humble and good, I trust in my faith and let god lead the way, I am keeping myself open to everyone so that they can see I am just like them...vulnerible, scared... But I have grown and I want to help show others the way. I haven't conquered all my fears... But fear does not control my life anymore so I can finally relax and enjoy this adventure. I know I have nothing to fear anymore. My email is laura.jeffers1 [at], I have a feeling us meeting was meant to be. Please email me if you feel it's right for you. May god bless you on your journey, remember listen to your own voice, all others except for the divine whisper are only there to hold you back from your true higher self. Take care and I really hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks to everyone for the comments. I know what I had seen did not have good intentions and I believe that because I was getting closer with god but still unsure of my own self that these entities were trying to keep me from my spiritual path. I have seen the beauty and good in life and I have seen the negative and evil too. In the long run I feel that it's all apart of the balance. You can't have the good without the bad. I didn't see it at the time, but (pan) I agree with you; I feel like if I wouldn't have gone through that scary experience then maybe it would have taken me longer to find my spiritual self. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Every moment plays an important role in our becoming. With each new day I learn more about myself and I understand more about life. I didn't even come across spirituality until I was around 17, when I started seeing spirits and entities. I had always wanted to see ghosts ever since I was little. I have always been open minded, but when I started really seeing them I was horrified. It was a very scary experience for me and for a good while I was scared to go sleep at night. I ended up having to just block it out of my mind and after a while they eventually stopped coming around. I still see spirits every once in a while, but nothing like before. I tend to just get a quick glimpse out of the corner of my eye or see the transperant outline of an apparition. The other night I saw a beautiful glowing ball of light just hovering by my ceiling. I was in bed almost asleep when I opened my eyes to see a small glowing ball of light that was changing colors. It was beautiful and like nothing I had ever seen before. It was only there for a few seconds, but long enough for me to get a good glimpse. I didn't feel threatened or anything, mainly just curious. I think it may have been an angel. I think that in the beginning of my seeing spirits I didn't know how to turn it off, so I was bombarded with spirits. It was just too much and The fear took me over and I had no other choice but to just shut them out. Knowing that spirits are real and all around us just couldn't escape my mind though, so that's when I started to read more on the paranormal and I joined a paranormal investigation group. I faced those fears and now I feel more comfortable when an unknown entity decides to pop in. So through all of these experiences, the good and the bad, I found my way and I found myself. I wouldn't change a thing and I feel like even the bad was a blessing... A blessing in disguise. God knew exactly what I needed and what it would take to get me to the place I am now. It is so true when they say god works in mysterious ways.
I can relate to your story so much. I too have always been fascinated with learning everything I can. I have always loved learning about other religions and spiritual experiences. I am finally to the point in my journey where I feel at peace with myself. I look at the world in a whole new light, and the funny thing is now that I know all this it is hard for me to understand how I didn't realize it before. The answers were all around me but it was not my time yet to realize that. Before I never really looked much into philosophy or even thought about it, but once I found myself I realized that I too am a philosopher in life. I can't get enough of reading and learning more about spirituality and others experiences. I start reading and I can't stop... I don't want to stop. I love this new found feeling and I know what you mean about the feeling just lasting for a short period. You have to hold on to it though. Remember that the light is there and it is within you and all around you. If you feel yourself losing touch... Close your eyes, open your heart, and focus on the memory of that feeling. Meditation is a great way to reconnect. I am still new to meditation but I have come pretty far since since I first tried. I don't have much time or quiet to meditate all the time, but I find when I do an inner peace overcomes me and I feel like everything is going to be alright. It is so wonderful to know of the light. I really do hope that many more are coming around to this blessing. I try as much as I can to spread the message and I can't wait for the day that we are all as one and at peace. The most beautiful thing for me also is raising and seeing my 3 year old blossom with such understanding. I see so much of myself in him and he is so wise for being so young. When he sees mommy sad or upset, he always knows exactly what to say and this is my first child so it is so amazing that at his age he says things like an adult would say them. He is so sweet and well mannered. I watch him and I can't help but smile and observe in amazement. I know I am truly blessed, as so many of us are once we open our heart and mind. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the world. It is experiences like this that show the way and inspire a change. God bless you. Keep your heart and mind open to the miracles all around you. Have faith in yourself and know that the feeling is still there and has never left. Good luck in your journey.
I read this and some of the things really hit home. I am glad I found a place where people won't look at me like I am out of my mind. Before I started my spiritual awakening I had a lot of weird things happen. Me and my husband starting seeing... Well what we thought were ghosts and they would just come and go all the time. In fact we never saw the same ghost twice. They would look at us and laugh and I even heard the voice of one on the opposite side of my bedroom. I thought someone was at my house on a cell phone or something, but went back there never saw any apparitions but still heard the voice just a lot quieter and I tried to figure out where it was coming from but it was impossible. Well about a week or so later we had the tv turned off in our room and plain as day there were 2 demons (I figured that out later... We thought they were spirits still at this point) to start off... Then more started appearing on the tv reflection. I finally told them they have to get out. I had never seen anything like that and it was freaking me out. I think maybe a day or two later I decide to go watch tv in the livingroom and really didn't think anything of it. When I turned the tv off there were probably about 10 demons just staring at me smiling. One was trying to tell me something but all I could hear was a whisper... Sometimes I understood the whispers and sometimes I didn't. One of the spirits had wanted to talk to me in mom's room on her tv... So I went (I didn't think they were evil) and he kept gesturing for me to come closer to the tv so he I would be able to hear him, this is when I started getting uncomfortable and out of nowhere I just automatically new those are demons so I ran to my room and told Shane about everything. It was really scary, but luckily we were beginning the process of moving down the road to apartments. We got moved in and not long after that... Out of nowhere once again a lot of demons show up on tv reflection and one of them stood out above the rest... He looked like a white male but he had a huge head and was very ugly. I just felt that he was the devil and I tried to tell them to leave but instead of leaving they all started having sex with each other... It was just crazy. We just left the livingroom and went and watched tv in our room. The next night they tried to do the same thing as the last time by telling me to come closer to the tv and I just had this feeling that I had some kind of gift that they wanted. So I asked and they all nodded yes... I told them they would never get me and the lord is my savior so they should just give up. After that I didn't see them for a while but then one day I happened to glance at the wood on my cabinet and there was a face in it. I got closer and he looked at me... He had long hair but I felt like it was the devil again... Maybe just in a different form. When I first saw him I was freaked out but I ended up standing strong and laughed at him and I told him "Go away... You are never going to get me...can't you get that through your ugly head" and I walked away and I haven't seen anything of that sort since. I have had my spiritual awakening and almost have complete control over my fear now. I am a lot stronger in my views and my faith. As I was writing this it became clear to me... The devil wanted to get to me before I had my spiritual awakening. My husband is at the same point in his spirituality, I don't understand why they targeted only me? Thank god for my awakening, because I used to live in fear over this... Now I can think back and feel completely comfortable with it. It feels so good to have reached this point, I have no fear toward them... I feel like there is a loving energy right by me and is my protection. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? I think it is crazy how many there were and the things they did were just sickening.
Date: 2010-03-21
I find it so amazing and interesting how god gives us these messages in so many different ways. Some get visions, He communicates with us telepathically through our minds, dreams, or whatever he knows will reach us. We are all so very blessed and I think it's wonderful that he reached you through a song that he knew you would interpret in the right way and understand his message. I know it is a wonderful feeling to know that it's gods will for you to be with your husband and kids. My husband and I started seeking a deeper meaning for our lives after about a year together and 2 years ago traveled our spiritual journey together and after 5 years we are stronger than I could ever imagine. He is my best friend and the only man I could honestly refer to as home... I am so comfortable with him, if he is not around I don't feel like I am home. We showed one another what true love really is and I never imagined it would be this incredible and magical. I feel like we were put in each others life because we are kindred spirits and meant to travel this journey in life together. I am so grateful for the undeniable true love that god has granted me, as I am sure you are too. Take care and god bless you and your family.
I have noticed that many have their experiences through tragedies and it is unfortunate, but I am sure it is even more of a meaningful blessing when you have this gift of serene truth presented to you at a time like that. I can only imagine how hard that must have been on you though, I have a 3 year old son and I don't know what I would do if something ever happened to him. He is my everything. You have to just try and look on the bright side... I am sure the blessing of this spiritual awakening being presented at such a devastating time was comforting and meaningful. You now have the knowledge that let's you know he is not gone, it was just his time to go back home with god and once again regain his true form and live in true bliss, surrounded by the unimaginable beauty we can't even fathom. It's wonderful to know this truth and know that everyone will eventually see the beauty of this sacred paradise. So it is not a final goodbye... Yall both know now that yall will be together again and this time there will be no suffering or pain. Just unbelievable happiness existing harmoniously with perfection all around as your higher conciousness unites with your son and all other heavenly beings... And that is something you know you can look forward to. I hope this helps and brings you peace from within. Take care now and God bless you and your family.
Date: 2010-03-21
What you have written is so insightful and the beautiful truth that god blessed us with. When I started my spiritual journey I was lost and depressed. I have always been a strong believer in the lord and when I started seeking spirituality it brought everything together and showed me how to humble myself and seek my own spiritual journey of awakening. It has been such an amazing journey and I have transformed into my own... I have finally found myself and my own voice. I used to feel so weak and insecure... Discovering my own inner peace has given me strength and confidence that I never imagined I would have. I feel so passionate about life now. I get so excited when I share the message with others, like a child with a new toy. Every time I help someone I feel so fulfilled. It has become a daily mission of mine to help and give comfort to the people that come my way. It is sad to see so many people controlled by their fears... Programmed by society, thinking that they have to stay guarded or the world will crush them. I know that I am only able to help so much so I have found it best to open myself up to them... Show that there are still good people in the world who truly care and want to help. I basically put my heart on my sleeve and show that I am willing to take the chance of getting hurt myself just to show that they have a true friend to confide in if need be. It is so amazing how much this really helps. So far I have had quite a few people see that I am a genuine person and automatically open up to me. It feels so wonderful to see these people find trust in my open honesty and in return open their own hearts/mind to share their struggles and pain with me. It is beautiful and almost miraculous to see the light and hope in their eyes when they realize they can finally let their guard down, open their heart and be themselves without the harsh judgements that have been cast upon them for so long. You can almost feel their relief and just know that a positive change is occuring within them. I know there are many that long to have someone they can talk to about their personal struggles, but fear has hardened so many hearts and taken away faith in people. So they resort to living a lonely, fearful life. Wallowing in endless pain that continues to eat away at them because they fear no one will understand or truly care to listen and sadly talking about the pain (getting it off your chest) is the only way you can overcome and rid yourself of it so you can begin moving forward. People feel like they have to be tough and cruel so they don't get walked all over, but they cease to make progress of growth this way. It is essential in obtaining spiritual growth and self discovery, to remain true to yourself and follow your own voice and no one elses. This is the main message I try to share with the ones that are living a lonely life controlled by fear. I wish there was more I could do but it is their journey to take and theirs alone. I can only share my own wisdom and suggest the spiritual path that god has blessed us with... After that it is all up to them. From there I can only pray that they will stand strong and follow their hearts to this divine truth.
Thats the key... Know that he loves you and will always guide you. Accept that you have no control, only god does, but he will always carry you through. God is inside of us all... You don't have to pray to talk to him. Just listen to that still small voice in your head... The one that is calm and giving you words of wisdom. Through that connection we can truly live and find the inner peace that god provides us all. I have become a "new" me since starting my spiritual journey. I am completely different now... Transformed by the light of the lord. I am so grateful to the lord for giving this spiritual wisdom to those who want it and seek it with humble curiosity. I have a renewed passion for life now... I love reading and gaining all the knowledge that god sends to me. I am hungry for this inner wisdom and eager to spread the message so others can experience this beauty and pass it on once more. The spiritual community is such a blessing and I love how we all share our own experiences to help others in their journey. It is a truly beautiful and caring community... Or as I like to think... A family. I came across this website through NAWSK and I have been so inspired that I can't seem to walk away from the computer lol. I have always been different than most of the people around me and it is tough when you have experiences with the unknown and no one wants to even listen because it's nonsense to the closed minded. It is so wonderful to find myself at this insightful inspirational website surrounded by like minded caring people. Everyone is so supportive. I already feel like I have found a true family here and I haven't even posted my own experiences yet... I have just been reading other's stories and the comments left. This is a truly captivating website with such honest inspirational people. I know the lord led me here and I am simply in awe. I am from a small town in Texas and there is only one church and spiritual community in the area... It is over an hour away though in Houston. It is sad that the spiritual community is still so small in this area. Maybe if my path leads me there, I will open a place for spiritual seekers to come together and share experiences and prayer to enlighten them on their own journeys. I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing my own experiences as well. I look forward to hearing back from you and getting to know you better. Take care and always stay positive... In the light.
I am so glad that my search has brought me to this website. I have been reading article after article and I just can't seem to stop. Everything I have read has pieced together with what I have experienced myself and it all comes together and makes perfect sense to me now. The message was all around me in the form of small messages that suggest thinking in a new positive way and it is so ironic how so many reject any alternative way of thinking because of the fear that society will cast them out. I feel like a new person. I see the light and it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. For once in my life I feel that everything is going exactly as it is supposed to be...Iv'e learned who I am and I have found my own voice. For the first time in my life I feel passionate about life and I am not afraid to open myself to others now... I enjoy spreading this message... Everyone should know that there is a community that really cares and no one should be afraid to follow their heart and find this inner peace for themselves. Thank you all for sharing such inspiring experiences. Through each other we learn about ourselves. I now know that I have a family here. It is truly a breath of fresh air to read such familiar experiences and know that our minds are connected and our hearts are making a difference.
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