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Once I Was A Atheist on 2010-03-06

First of all let me say I love my mum and dad very much, I lost my mum to cancer august 2009 and my dad to the same disease august 1999. I grew up in a family where religion was never discussed, after toughing it out on the land for a while, we eventually packed up and move to the city. Leaving scho...

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Your story sends a very powerful message of hope to those that are dancing with the devil, it is so inspiring the way you let God into your heart and fought of those demons who have conquered many drug addicted souls, you ought to be proud of yourself, I speak for all of us when I say this, well done I am proud of you, God bless.
DavidJones,although I have not had a near death experience, I do believe once in a story not yet written, I saw a light and it was small and very bright, coming toward me about 3 feet of the ground, probably about twice as big as a basket ball, first question does that sound familiar? And is this your spirit guide you communicate to? I have had a urge to start writing about my experience's lately and wonder if there's a universal reason to do so. Thank you for your story I found it quite profound.
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