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Am here looking for answers to a few questions, and, perhaps to express myself a bit.
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Golden Orb Or Angel on 2010-03-03

I am here looking for inspiration, and I haven't been disappointed. Thanks to all. I really don't have a starting point for my awakenings or abilities, I was just born different, with different memories and understandings; and misunderstandings. I got here by googling paranormal sparkle, looking fo...

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WOW. Thank you for posting your story. Such an inspiration.
I believe angels were singing to you too. I have had them sing to and with me many times. Yes, the veil is lifting folks, so much more is possible if we can only allow ourselves to be quiet and listen. 😁
Date: 2010-03-04
I read your story, and it touched my heart, because I have had much heartache in my life also, even though there have been angels around me more often than not. This doesn't mean that you are now condemned to a life of pain, rather, that through spirit the pain can be lightened, and you have the help of heaven to make it so. Angels are full of all that love is, and she is probably still with you, helping in whatever way you allow her to do so. We have no way of knowing how heavy our burden would be without some help from heaven.
Sometimes when I am very sad, other people see many around me, trying to lift me up, helping me to remember love. I don't know what I would do without the comfort and guidance, however subtle, in my life. I can so relate to what you are going through, and all I know is, there is another side to everything. Even our unhappiness, if we know how to look at it.
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