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My Near Death Story on 2010-04-15

Do you realize there are as many near death stories in the United States, alone, as there are people without health care coverage? I have researched this extensively. Doctors agree that there is a massive firing of the brain's neurons at the point of death. The theory is that the firing of millions ...

I Want To Tell You About Someone I Met When I Died on 2010-02-17

Anyone can see what is physically there in front of them. One of the reasons, or basis of achievement of our life is to be able to understand, to formulate, and to hold to a personal belief system that will sustain us in good times and bad. This personal belief system will define who you are as an i...

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Date: 2010-04-15
aussiedaz, Thank you very much for sharing yourself and this story. It is said that we are made in God's image. I could hear that in your words about your mum. She must have been made in God's image. To lose someone as close to you as your parents is very difficult, and now they are just a bitter-sweet memory. Throw the bitter away, but hold their sweet memory close to your breast. You are not alone, you are never alone, as long as you have loved you are never alone. Stay strong, my Friend
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