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Judy Jendruck
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United States
Female, 57 years young, divorced and live in Texas.
Strong Christian belief.
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The Holy Spirit Walked With Me on 2010-02-10

When I was 9-10 years old, I accepted Christ and wanted to be Baptized. I spoke with my parents and our Pastor and I was instructed to walk down the aisle and to the pulpit at the end of the sermon when the Pastor called for all to be saved. I was very overweight as a child and due to the ridicul...

He Protected Me From Evil on 2010-02-10

I was lying in bed one night unable to sleep. I saw a tall dark shape of a man standing in my hallway by my bedroom door. I felt it was evil. Suddenly my finger were in the shape of a cross by no thought or control of my own. I felt a presence behind me and I knew it was good; prehaps an angel. An i...

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