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Declarations From The Holy Spirit on 2010-04-13

One night during prayer I experienced the pulling feeling while I was within faith. The next day I could only hear an ongoing testimony. I could hear words spoken in a different rhythm. I was inclined to write as I could no longer keep going with my daily chores as I had to give into its devotion an...

How To Walk With Jesus on 2010-03-05

While I was visiting my mother in law, we were talking about the regret and sadness that we feel because my sister in law has breast cancer which is rare and the treatment it very aggressive. Also she was telling me how people who haven't spoken to her in a very long time, all of a sudden call to as...

The Holy Ghost Within Us on 2010-02-08

This is a great foundation of spreading Gods word in every way that he touches our lives. It's only up to us, as to when we open our hearts to receive his glory and wisdom. You see, faith has always been apart of my life. However, not until near the end of last year did I finally ask the correct que...

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If l stop talking with our dear father then he always reminds me and brings me back to life again. He never leaves me behind. To live in truth and wisdom is humbling, l love you father. Thankyou holy spirit l turn always to you when in doubt becouse l dare not turn to my mind as this leads to no where. I am only a bundle of flesh and only want to live with your holy spirit humble as your servant, no thought, as you are all and mighty dear father. L am only here becouse you made us, mighty father maker of heaven and earth. ❤
I have tears in my eyes... Thankyou for sharing your journey. ❤
Date: 2010-06-08
My sister in law has been CURED from her cancer!

THANK YOU so much father. I pray with my humbled heart that my fellow brothers and sisters apply your faith in their lives by changing themselves. As you said... You help those who help themselves. You also said that when two people come together in my name (JEses) l am with them. MY DEAR FATHER... L PROCLAIM TO ALL THAT JESUS WORDS are PROVEN THROUGH MY TRUE LIFE STORY. Thank you l love you so much. 😁
Date: 2010-05-05
This is a lovely story thank you for sharing your message. Lately he is teaching me, aswell, to turn every thought and action over to him. I sigh with such releif to be able to be awake and be able to feel and listen when l am being tempeted so l can hastley turn and cling to our father with all might. I sigh with releif.
The same as you explained in your story l feel the same... Although we have never met we all are trully brothers and sisters learning from our one true father. 😊
I think the sentence regarding the plague means that it is already here... Sins of words spoken and unspoken and actions that are out of control.
Date: 2010-04-05
The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" He who hears, let him say, "Come!" He who is thirsty, let him come. He who desires, let him take the water of life freely

This was copied from the bible.
Date: 2010-04-05
I really do understaing what you are feeling. At this current time this is also what l am opening myself to understand and trully sink deeply into my heart.

I was praying but l was saddend by my mind and l did not wish to be held account to the responses even though they were not "bad" l just new that they were not within his widsom. I humbeld myself to the point where l did not wish to exisit if it wasn't pleasing to him. I was sadned with tears from my eyes and heart at the responses that we give to him when He gives us the opportunity to be like him. But then l heard the most warming feeling, my father conferted me saying, 'He new me before l was born'. This still brings tears to my eyes and it left my mind still with peace, my heart full of faith beating loudly with life and my soul finally touching its father who is always with us. It filled me with love, compassion and an endless realm of forgiveness for my brothers and sisters of the world. He showed me just how much he loves us.

The wonderful thig about hearing his widsom is that is floods in with magnitude and changes each moment,NOW, with the true meaning of each blessing. The other day my daughter put her finger into my eye, by mistake, and it really hurt, but l did not react to it at all. I then said softly, this is how our father is. As my reaction was filled with understading, compassion and love. Even tough the act was done and it hurt my eye, she was a child and did not know what she was doing. This is how he sees us, as we are his children and it is with his love that we can love his chilren also. He wants us to share this love with all in the world, not just our birth children. I allowed myself to bask in this for as long as l could becouse every little thing that happens he is showing himself. If we offer and lead each thought and moment, NOW' to him always being aware or awake and at guard to tempation, then we open ourselves up to him becouse he wants us to know him as he knows us.

The other understanding, that helps me slow down and be at peace is... Each time l feel myself starting to worry, l stop, listen and say to myself, what am l doing right NOW, Am l directing my thoughts and actions towards him. You will be amazed just how often we think about things that are NOT in front of us.

I am soo scared of straying away from him that this keeps me within the NOW. I am also learning to have more restraint over my wants and likes. This is such as true blessing to live your life that is what is right in front of us. This is all we have to handle. I sigh with great relief.
Your story is wonderful and a true testimate to you as you chose the correct path in a time of overwhelming grief. I pray, those who also live a true loss will follow your example as to not choose the path of blame, regret all of which close our hearts so they can not heal and grow to our true purpose.
What l heard from my heart after reading your story was, He (God) will never leave a stay sheep behind. Meaning don't ponder too much on words but only stay in your inner peace, you faith, as this will always guide you to the correct path. You will never fail or be left behind if your heart is humbled and eager to learn. But in the pace and guidence of Gods plan.
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