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I Knew My Family's Troubles Were Over on 2010-01-24

About 15 years ago, we sold our restaurant business. We sold it on a land contract. We were living off the payments we received each month. About a year went by and I was watching the news. They had breaking news that a popular family diner was burning out of control. My eyes and mouth opened wide w...

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Date: 2010-06-20
I can relate to everything you write, as fear has held me back all my life. I really liked your article, well said. You did an amazing job describing enlightenment. You sound genuine, that is what is important to me. I am envious of people who can feel as you do about life. Thank you, you made my day. Eleni
Date: 2010-06-19
Wonderful story, I read it twice, gives people hope. We all have feelings like yours, not all are blessed to receive an answer. Thanks for sharing. All the best to you and your family, best regards Eleni
I had a similar experience, I can really relate to your feeling of overwhelming joy. Great story, it feels good to know that this happens to many people. You are blessed, thanks for sharing your story.
Date: 2010-02-07
Beautiful story, God has chosen this way to reveal himself. You are a fortunate soul, imagine being able to think of this name and the feeling comes over you. I believe you will have a beautiful life and you will effect others in a positive way.
All the best to you,Eleni
Ashley, I am so sorry your mother left so soon. I can tell through your story, you had a strong love for each other. It is so difficult to lose someone like your mother. I lost my mother at the age of 7,she was my world I never stopped missing her and loving her. Ashley I believe your story, your mother is always with you, just as god is.

Your mothers wish is that you will have a wonderful life. Give her that wish, by doing all you can to be happy. It is so difficult at times I know, stay positive and happy and you will feel your mothers presence. Best Regards
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