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Amy (guest)
9 years ago (2008-12-28)
I just posted a comment to you, then afterwards read some of the other comments that people had written, i.e. About Jesus having darker skin etc. If you are interested I read in a book called "FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS" by GRAHAM HANCOCK a very detailed following regarding a man returning to earth perhaps God, wearing a long white cloak, holding a staff in his hand, being of pale white skin with a white beard. What you saw was real and should not be discounted by anyone else's judgement unless they were there with the same vision, thank you for sharing your experience, perhaps people should listen prior to trying to analyze and evaluate something that is from a different dimension and a gift and something that they have not witnessed themselves before discounting it. Text book theories don't justify the moment do they mate, stay true to yourself, and thank but disregard the feedback of sceptics, that's their trip, not ours hey.
Amy (guest)
9 years ago (2008-12-28)
Have a happy new year
Love Amy
IloveGod (guest)
9 years ago (2008-11-18)
Thank you SO much for this. I was in doubt of God for few months and now I know for sure. I am so thankful, and I wish I could thank God for letting you have a choice to live to tell us this amazing story. Bless You Sarah
Jack (3 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2008-10-01)
Sarah, I just read your story and I have had experience with human looking people that were all white. There hair, skin and cloths. It happened in about 2002 as I sat outside on a sunny summer day. To get to the point. These people that were all white were in a craft that was covered by the cloud. This cloud stopped directly overhead. I could not believe what was going on just about one hundred foot above me, so I could not take my eye's off of what I was now seeing. I seen a cargo door open just like on our air craft. A man and a boy stepped out of this door. I am sitting right there watching them and could see them clearly. I smiled and waved to them, I didn't know what else to do. They did not respond at all. These people looked very stern, expressionless and all white everything was snow white. The clothes they wore was a suite jacket, vest and white pants of-course. Very neatly dressed like dignitaries. After I waved to them they simply stepped back, the same as they stepped out, the door closed. Then a small window opened, and I could see this big face, that was all white with a slight grin on his face. Shortly after that I found out why this big faced person had a grin on his face. Another cloud that was with that one raised up to get between me and the sun. Next thing I seen this long Lang-key body move from inside this cloud. It had pyramid shaped object in its hand. It lined up the tip of the pyramid shaped object between me and the sun. Next thing I heard the crack of electricity and the craft descended on me at the same time. I was knocked unconscious. I don't know how long I was out for. When I came to and was able to gain my senses again and I was able to walk, I then walked back to my house and lay down. I was still in shock, to say the least. I have never heard of people that were all white.
After I read your story I thought I would let you know about my experience with people that were all white. I know our stories are different, but I thought you might like to hear about another persons experience with all white people. I often wondered about these people. Did they have anything to do with our Alfa/ Amega? Hope you are doing fine now, take care!
Baba - du (guest)
9 years ago (2008-08-28)
If whatever you encountered had very white skin, I doubt it was the historical Jesus, since he was Semitic and lived in the Middle east. What you were seeing was your mind projecting a picture of what you think god should look like based on Western European ideals and art.
Martin (30 posts) mod
9 years ago (2008-08-21)
Betty, it'd be nice if you could submit your story, it does indeed sound like a very genuine experience.
Betty (guest)
10 years ago (2008-08-20)
As a person who has had a few spiritual experiences myself, including a direct contact by the holy spirit during a hurricane, I understand how life changing this type of experience can be. I question, however, the literal nature of your account -- with God being a particular color or race, having facial hair, and even having hands at all. That is not what I saw when God came to me, my mother, and niece during the storm. There was nothing human about his presence, only a bright light eminating in all directions that lit up the entire room (I should note that the electricity was out from downed power lines and we had been sitting in the dark). The three of us saw him simultaneously, but the other three people in the room said that they were in the dark the entire time.

My gut feeling tells me that your fever made you hallucinate or dream vividly, and it was vivid enough to feel real to you. That's not to say that your experience wasn't spiritual. I believe that God visited you and your spirit interpreted him in a way that your mind comprehends.
omg (guest)
10 years ago (2008-08-19)
Most of the stories are stories:)...they call it hallucinations or server brian damage situations.

First of all making it believe God would be white or wearing long cloak as arabs in that days is complete joke. Jesus as human was arab or jew certainly not a white... Most of europeans by gods standard were pagans and barbarians.

So when you die you just go to earth... And mother earth will consume your flesh. There is no hell or heaven. Dont waste your life by thinking there is eternity.
You are the earth and have differnt living forms... But composed of earths matter... Which by default goes back to earth... Unless you decide to go to different planet.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
10 years ago (2008-05-05)
The devil can make us think something is right, when really it isn't. I try to think first before I react to anything, in hopes I have made the right choice. But I don't always however.
Usman (guest)
10 years ago (2008-05-04)
I believe your story godsson. You must be aware of the tricks of the devil. Everyone on earth can defeat the devil if they accept Jesus into their lives and pray very hard. We can defeat lucifer. Devil is truly weak. He only deceives people and pretends to be strong. Don't fall for it. You can defeat the devil.
Curt... (guest)
10 years ago (2008-05-03)
I just thought I would add a note of caution to all readers. First from me. I think and feel that God wants the same thing from all of us. I also think and feel that God does not want us all to do the same things. Now some certainties and clarifications of the above. The minimum requirement for Christians is for God to decide you are going to be a Christian, and this He actually decided before He made the earth. You, will know when this happens by the following. You will know that Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born of a virgin and died on the cross for you, so that death, which was never intended and yet existed because of the envy of the devil, was defeated. At the point you know this or accept this, God has chosen. He then adopts you as his son or daughter.
Also, the differences between Christians is so slight as to be ignorable. If you meet the minimum requirements, God adopts you. Now what God does or asks you to do after that is between you and him, the rest of us are really not supposed to get involved. For if He asks you or someone else to do something and I disagree, am I disagreeing with you or with God? I am disagreeing with God. Personally, although I have done this, I have been wrong then, and I am wrong whenever I do this.
I said first from me, and it looks like this is only going to be from me. I therfore don't know its true accuracy, you will have to do the work, and hopefully God the Holy Spirit will help you.
Just a thought
Curt... (guest)
10 years ago (2008-05-03)
The short story is: I was called by Mary to go to a place called Medugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Eventually, I went, and to get a gift. I went I got the gift. I also got gifts. I can't say which gift is my favorite. The gifts I treasure, and certainly did not deserve, are: God revealed Himself to me in his essence. Three bright light appeared when a priest layed his hands on me. The room dissapeared, the priest dissapeared, and there were three bright columns of light. They were pointed at roughly where the priests feet would be. They then ended at roughly where the priest's head would be. They were seperated from each other. They had blue on the side closest to me. They were round and long and started at a point and ended at a point. There was also a slight bend in the lights near where the priest's ankles were. It was as though these three lights were inside of him at this moment, and I was allowed to see this. Only that is an approximation for trying to put this most difficult items into words for everyone. The blackness everywhere else was nice. The blackness between the light on the right, God The Holy Spirit, and the light in the center, God the Father, was a nice blackness. It was not at all creepy or frightening. Only it was the light that was the most interesting. There was blackness between, God the Father, and God the Son, in exactly the same way and distance as it was between God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father.
Okay, when this happened, I was in a foreign country solo, with folks I had never previously met, and most including the priest did not speak english. I said nothing to anybody as this was a stealth trip at the time, to comply with God's rule that if we do anything in the way of a prayer we are not to let anyone know. Since, then, I have been asked in God's way to talk about some of this. Therefore you are hearing about this. Now, news flash to all of you who don't know. This is really all quite ordinary in many ways. This event is not isolated to just me. I actually found descriptions to all of this in the Catholic Dictionary. Thus, even though it may not be happening to everybody all the time, it does and has happened to at least some people occasionally.
Okay, now the next day. I was told in some way to think about the end to Silent Night. It was a nice, command, and un-ignorable. I did. "So 'Ten... Der' and Mild" What just happened. The room went black where I was looking, there was blue around the edges of my viewing field where the light turned into blackness, 'Ten... Der' and Mild just came into me. It was inside of me. I did not like it. I asked: "Who are you?" there was no answer. Okay great this silent thing entered me who is so Tender and Mild, that the tender portion of Him, when felt and followed to the full extent of His tenderness is so much that I thought I would die if I continued to follow. This stopped immediately, when I became frightened. When I looked at what used to be a room full of people with fairly bright lights, it was now black with a few spots of some kind of light at the bottom. I looked and looked and tried to figure out what the speckles of light might be and I at some point became frightened before I was able to complete this task, and then this ended. I also lost two thirds of my normal strenth for the period of time this was in me. Great, think about what you would think and be thinking and experiencing if this happened to you. Now that you hopefully have, I'll go on. Somehow I was aware that I knew on a feeling level exactly what this was that was inside of me. I asked about this, could this inside of me have carried the cross. The knowlege came back Yes and then some. The next question I asked was, could this inside of me have hidden his true identity from all of us in a body of a human for 29 years? The answer came back Yes, and then some. At the end of all this I was to figure out through questions and the knowlege that came back that this was indeed Jesus, the Christ, who is also known as God the Son. On the day after the gift of Jesus Christ making a personal visit inside of me, and making me know just who he is really as compared to what we think or are told or get glimpses of by the Holy Spirit, when we are listening or reading the Bible, and He tells us to listen up, I did not thank Mary profusely for what she had done for me. It was then and is now said for everyone's benefit a most hurtful and horrible thing to do for the mother of our mothers and the mother of us all, in the way that if Jesus was not born through Mary, there would be none of this. She consented, she was his mother, and she is most certainly ours. Well, the next day I went with my friends and basically gave in and partied in some other place, only much to correction, this was made most clear that this was wrong. I couldn't tell anyone, as they might think I was crazy, and I thought I should keep all this quiet. Well, the next day in the midst of all this, when I figured out for real that Mary was expressing her displeasure in my actions, I started making my opologies. It took her a long time to forgive me for this one, or at least it took a long time for me to forgive myself for this action. Anyway the next day I had asked in my interior thinking voice, "I don't want to cause you any problems or pain, or difficulties, I know some other have and you let them know what the issues were. However, if you would, I'd like to see you, and only if it does not cause a problem..." The next day she did. Only I saw her in a most treasured way for me. I saw her as she was and looked when she was 49 years old. This is immediately before she died. I don't know how immediately in time, but it was close. Only, she also did something to get the message across without saying anythin verbally, that she was displeased with what to most people would have been next to going to heaven in the best gifts in the world. That you will not hear from me. There are a few other things you will not hear from me. These are out of love and respect for what most people think of as God.
To end this for now for all of you, and you will not understand this but it is true: "I love you all most deeply. I love you more than you know. I love you more than anyone you know. I love you for who you are. I love you..." Now, an explanation that you will either know is true because someone tells you it is, or will say is false for what reasons I am not totally privy. The last statements of love, are the way God loves you. It is also the way I love you. It is God who has made me this way. This love is most similar to the type of love referred to as AGAPE love. It is much more so. I am not God. Yet, he has hijacked my old person and essentially replaced him with this new person, and yet it is still me. He has hijacked my heart in ways I can tell you and ways I cannot, out of Infinite Love for Him. I used to be me without almost any feelings. Then He hijacked me to like, where I liked everyone and thought it better to like you than to think or like me. This was a year later hijacked to Love, where I loved everyone. Although this was scary at first and I was afraid to reveal this to anyone, it was necessary to prevent my conversations and interactions from being false. I, this person in a male body, did not want to tell my friends and you that I no longer liked them, I in fact loved them. How do you tell a guy you love him and you are not in-love with him and not have him think any of a number of erroneous things. And with women, how do you tell them you love them and then not have them think all sorts of errroneous things. Eventually, this all happened, and it was not a problem, it was just I was expecting the worst and it didn't happen. So, I love you all and hope you all become you. I also hope that you will be honest, exceedingly honest, very exceedingly honest, and check and follow all facts of everything rather than trusting or believing in who told you something is true, and therefore it is true. At some point if you do all the work yourself, and no matter what the truth is you accept it, then you will be wrong and missled less often. If you then sprinkle that with a request to whatever and whoever the real God is or might be, and ask Him for guidance and answers, and never give up on this, even until death, then you will be most pleased with His response, even if you only hear it after you see Him from what we humans think of as death. Even if you hear His response only after you see him, after your so called death, it will be the correct time and it will be the most exquisite of answers, and in fact it will be beyond exquisite in both content and timing. Okay, now this is the end of this.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
10 years ago (2008-04-29)
[at] Siyanda, Yes GOd is indeed real and alive. He works in our lives in ways we never know as if one don't believe, then one can't see, hear ot know about him. But if one accepts the Love of the Lord everything in the world is of God.
Siyanda (guest)
10 years ago (2008-04-23)
I had given birth to my child and I was released from hospital two days after. The funny thing was I was bleeding so heavy that I would be unconscious. This went on the whole until morning when I got up to go to the bathroom and I passed out. My parents must have heard the noise I made when I fell that they woke up to check what going on. I remember I was in this passage with so much light beautiful clean light, and this man that had these white silver shining wings flying infront of like leadig my way and I was walking following him but I could hear and see my parents crying and trying to wake me up and they just did not stop, I kept on looking back at them. The angel did not say anything though when I walked he would walk leading me but when I stopped he stopped with me to look back. Seeing my mother and father with my 5day old child made me want to go back to them. My father was shaking me and breathing in my mouth and all of this I could see, until he said to me "Siyanda Siyanda Do you accept Jesus as Lord your saviour, Whilst still in the passage looking back at then I remebmber I said Yes Dad I do, and immediately I came to my senses. They took me to hospital and Doctors were shocked that I was still alive becasue I was still bleeding profusely. God is Alive and Real.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
10 years ago (2008-04-05)
Sometimes the Lord wants us to take his hand, not to go with him as far as dying, but to look at his kingdom. To view what Heaven is all about. So that for the rest of our lives we live more for him, accept his Love and wisdom and follow him.

I know I once did this. I am still here writing this comment and if you took his hand, he may of showed you what Heaven looks like.
scott (guest)
10 years ago (2007-12-14)
SARAH, I forgot to mention my experience is titled The Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ
scott (guest)
10 years ago (2007-12-14)
hi Sarah, I believe you, I know how you feel when telling others in that you were not on drugs or something, read my spiritual experience and you will see that you are not alone sweetie in having something so phenomenal happen to you, I hope to meet you some day for we are very special having had an actual visitation from Jesus in this life before we died... Scott in cleveland,ohio.u.s.a
godsson (guest)
10 years ago (2007-12-08)
hi, I just wanted to tell you almost the same as mine.

i was walking throught a big tower, and in this tower there was a crack on the wall a very very big crack, and this very bright light so bright, and it was god, there was many many people around, and all fell to their knees exept my self, they all said I don't beleave in you god I don't like you, so god wanted one person to sacrifise, I offered my self I ripped my shirt off and this golden bright light, so bright that lighted the whole sky came from my heart, then the light vanished and I fainted, then when I regain control the devil was holding my neck and he was saying to me I will kill you I'm the strongest one of all, so I declined I said no you are nothing I'm protected my my lord which I love and serve with my life. I holded the devils hand like it was nothing like he was uselles and I was the strongest one in there, I pushed him away and told him never to come back or I will kill him... So then I woke up, I went to the mirror in a bit of a shock, and to find out that I had a big red mark on my neck... I got really scared, so I took my shirt off and I also had a red circle in my heart. I got really scared. I felt love inside me rushing out like never before. I felt glory and hapiness and freedom. Thanks for reading this.
Jannis (4 posts)
10 years ago (2007-10-07)
I've never had a NDE but I always enjoy hearing them, it makes people think, even the skeptics. God has given me many miracles, I know he's with me all the time. Thanks for sharing your story. 😁
CVT6702 (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2007-10-03)
I think its a wonderful believable story and although I just read your story which you wrote in August only a short time ago I wrote a story about a Visit from Jesus on May 9, l986 and some of the things that have happened to me over the years as I tried to tell my story to the World.

I have only gotten started since I am still writing with the Guides who channel to Earth through me and others.
PinkPrincess (3 posts)
10 years ago (2007-09-30)
The hand which came out if you went to hold his hand that would of mean you died. You didn't take his hand you stopped it from happening that is really lucky just like me grandma only because of me. I had a tooth dream and I was fighting these 3 men not letting them take my tooth out if they did my grandma would of died. I didn't let it happen and I stopped my grandma from dying. God comes in our dreams only twice in our life's to talk to us. Your story was really interesting and I think the hand was showing you the way to heaven.
joro (guest)
10 years ago (2007-09-24)
god exist he is a powerful energy and has helped me a lot of times I had some doubts about him but now i`m sure he exist !
Kast (guest)
10 years ago (2007-09-14)
How a beautiful experience, leaving back your were feeling really bad, now you have a new opportunity to live life :D
Laurie (guest)
10 years ago (2007-09-14)
I am so glad that you took the opportunity to change in a positive way. I know that God loves you and knows those here on earth need you to guide them to know Him. Please don't let that gift pass you by.

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