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Kim (guest)
8 years ago (2009-04-20)
Yes, I had an experience of the Holy Spirit, but not as profound as yours. I am still waiting. I have on several times, but most clearly after drinking the precious blood of Jesus, in the Mass. All this emotion welled up and suddenly I was weeping, and looking at the people in the pews ahead of me, and others proceeding to receive the body of Christ, and just felt so much love for them. After the tears stopped, a joy came over me, and I just could not help smiling. There were no thoughts just the weeping then the joy. I received the Holy Spirit. Prior to drinking from the cup, I was speaking to Jesus mentally, of course I had just taken the host and I believe I was thanking him, and I don't recall what else I was saying.
Carlos (guest)
9 years ago (2009-04-05)
Hey I had this. It happened to me in a dreamstate prayer state asleep but I awoke after it happened and felt like it there was electrical currents flowing all over my body and I could heal and bring life into anything my hands touched. It felt like I was raptured when that lightning shotgun shot through me. It shot me straight up and felt so invinsible when it happened in the twinkling of an eye. Amazing. Yesterday I had another experience that was heavy duty Holy Spirit flowing through me and waves of Love hitting me. Amazing. Jesus is soooo good! I've been confessing that Jesus Is God many times a day lately and yesterday was confirmation it is true I believe the Holy Spirit worked on me big time which is Jesus. He spoke to me so clear on something that happened. I was driving, mergin onto a highway behind a huge truck and trailer with a large boat. I believe it was Jesus told me watch out, stay back, don't get too close. And he flashed an image in my head of the trailer backing up almost hitting me. I slowly backed up. And next thing you know, the truck in front of me, its transmission "blew" and it had to back up almost hitting me. In fact other drivers asked me if he hit me. Long story short. I crossed over lanes parked on the side. Got out of my vehicle and helped divert traffic to get the truck and trailer/boat to back up into a grassy area. Then I went to talk to him to tell him the vision God gave me. He looked at me in disbelief as did his son in the car. They were waiting on a tow and so I left after they said they were alright. The amazing thing is before this vision, the Lord gave me the vision that He was bestowing the healing power in me. Wow. I take the second event as confirmation that the first image was true too. My friend and I went to go pray for a patient with stomach cancer in the hospital right after. All praise to God, revealed to us through Jesus Christ. I can't wait for the report on this persons healing. Jesus is God.
Wendy (guest)
9 years ago (2009-02-17)
I studied with Jehovah's Witnesses for two years. After not joining with their congregation, but agreeing on so many of their beliefs and meditating and praying several times a day for a year, I experienced a euphoric feeling for exactly two weeks. It was a complete overwhelming feeling of love, peace and joy. All anger, sadness, insecurities and emptiness was gone for that short amount of time. I did research shortly after the feeling left me and someone posted that it was called the "Honeymoon period". I've never experienced it again, but strongly believe it was God showing me what we will feel when Jesus comes to reign on earth. (guest)
9 years ago (2009-01-02)
You guys, I saw the cloven toungue of fire cross my living room and enter my body in the chest area,[the heart], after it entered, it ran to my feet like water and then proceded to fill my body with, what felt like warm golden sparkles and when it had filled me up to my armpits, it ran again likr water to my finger tips and then again with the golden sparkles thing until it had filled me to the top of my head! I kid you not! Ilove you all, keep the faith!
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-07)
Now I will tell you an amazing thing. I get up early to spend time with My Jesus (Our Jesus) and as I switched on my computer and went to Mozilla fox instead of the usual Yahoo coming up It opened at this sight and your blog! No reason that I can think of except the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit. I read with delight what you had written and it was just what I needed to hear.
God bless you. Don't give up your Catholic Faith and take the Eucharist as often as you can and go to confession alot. There is much waiting for you as you continue to give your life to Jesus. It may not always be accompanied by feelings as we have to learn to walk by faith too. Mother Theresa of Calcutta was stripped of spiritual feelings and just continued in blind obedience to her task and look where she has gotten to and achieved for the Kingdom. God bless you please contact me at michaeljaffrayk [at]
Have a great week and Happy 2nd week of Advent!
Kara K (guest)
9 years ago (2008-12-03)
i am greatly touched by your story, it is so good to see that you ran to the cross in a time of need. What a good place for refuge! My mother literally said the same thing-giving her life completey to christ saying that her future is in his hands. And just a couple weeks later she met her (now) husband. And things have turned completly around. But I want you to know that no matter what plans God has for you, he loves you more than you can ever understand. And things that are good can come crashing down around you, but that is where the true test stands-will you allow the sufficient grace of God to carry you further? I do hope that you remember that the holy spirit feels the way you felt that day. Work daily towards finding that feeling. I find the best way to feel the holy spirit is listening to a song that brings your relatioship with God even CLOSER! Its so hard to misteak that feeling for anyting else. You just know the spirit is ALWAYS with you. And will never leave, whatever your life does for you.
Rubyt (guest)
9 years ago (2008-11-23)
Yes something very similar happened to me only it also included a vision. I talked to a priest about it and he validated that it was The Holy Spirit giving me the vision. One cannot describe the extreme thunderbolt of Love and Power that overcame me. And then the vision. The euphoria put me in ecstacy and I did not want it to end. Keep going to church and getting to know God. God has a purpose for you and He is letting you know it.
Su (guest)
9 years ago (2008-11-10)
A lot of people when they become Christians and in worship will feel similar sorts of things.
Those sorts of things are very, very common in my own life in prayer. The "floating" sort of feeling strikes me as sounding like what many Charismatic and Evangelical Christians would refer to as the feeling of the "presence of God." A lot of them will discribe it as if being wrapped up in a warm blanket. It is a physical feeling, and new Christians will frequently comment on it as they are not used to that sort of thing, wheras I think people who have known the Lord well for a while kind of get used to it! It is a very nice, warm, happy feeling, but can also be quite intense sometimes/ go along with quite intense (favorably so) feelings. I once prayed with one person to become a Christian, and they started telling me something about how they (physically) felt different. The closest thing I've come up with for an explanation is that it is kind of like God hugging me.
You might be interested in the book "The Practice of the Presence of God." by Brother Laurence (he was a lay brother in a monastary, who was very close to the Lord.) It's old, so you might be able to find it free if you google it. (If you pay for it you can get one in updated English).
tevez32 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2008-11-02)
thats very inspiring! Man, I thought I was the only one who has felt that when praying! 😁 god bless you and your family for your faith 😆

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